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Ankle Tattoos are some of the most versatile, some of the most decorative and some of the most expressive tattoos that many people will ever wear. The ankle tattoos are often very similar in nature to the wrist tattoos, emulating an anklet rather than a bracelet but perhaps due to their “hidden” nature, generally more open and expressive of the tattoo bearer’s true self. There are many different theories about the origins of the ankle tattoos so that discussion will be left for another point in time but rest assured, the ankle tattoos are definitely an artistic expression in tattoo art that is worth pursuing.

When you design tattoos for the ankle, you do not generally have to worry about too many other people taking too close a look. In fact, well designed ankle tattoos and foot tattoos can be kept largely out of site and may even pass muster in jobs where tattoos are not allowed … though that is not a guarantee by any means. This is in stark contrast to many of the lower back tattoos that tend to attract attention (wanted or not) whenever the person with the tattoo bends over even slightly. The same could be said for shoulder tattoos as well as long as the tattoo is not uncovered by a strapless dress or other revealing clothing.

Ankle tattoos are also very flexible and can be very creative the same as many wrist tattoos and even some of the armband tattoos. They are often tattoos made of latticed materials that form a chain of decorative tattoo ink woven into a beautiful pattern when it is done. While there may be some speculation as to whether or not this was ever done with the ancient tribal tattoos or not, it is not really that important these days. As always is the case with any kind of tattoo is that the person who receives the tattoo is happy with it.

If you are one of those people who works in an environment where only small, coverable tattoos are allowed, you may want to consider smaller tattoos like the cross tattoos or the smaller angel tattoos but if you can get away with it, the ankle tattoos are certainly worth looking at. Snake tattoos wrapped around the ankle are cool, chains or bands of celtic knots or even names written in lettering tattoos are all ankle tattoos that have become increasingly popular of late. A brief inspection of many tattoo galleries or flash tattoos could also give you some really great ideas regarding custom ankle tattoos.

The ankle may be very sensitive if the ankle tattoos are done over the bone so that is one thing to consider when you are looking at getting one but generally, the nagging goes away within a couple of days. However, if you have a job where you are on your feet all day, you may want to consider that before getting your very own ankle tattoos. Still, for just the proper combination of discretion and taste, the ankle tattoos do offer one of the most versatile to work with.

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