Arm Tattoos Ideas

Samurai Forearm Tattoo

Tattoo of samurai on male forearm

Angel Wing & Skull Tattoo on Forearm

Angel wings tattoo with skull on forearm.

Rose Forearm Tattoo

Tattoo of a beautiful rose with a snake on the forearm

Dreamcatcher Arm Tattoo

Credit: @tattoopaha

Black Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo

Credit: @solomon_pride_tattoo_studio

Black Rose and Chicano Girl Tattoo on Forearm

Credit: @solomon_pride_tattoo_studio

Gas Mask Forearm Tattoo

Credit: @solomon_pride_tattoo_studio

Branch with Leaves Tattoo on Forearm

Credit: @solomon_pride_tattoo_studio

Wolf Forearm Tattoo

Credit: @solomon_pride_tattoo_studio

Gorilla Tattoo on Forearm

Credit: @snowman_tattoo_studio

arm tattoo tree and moonArm tattoos, carved on the human arms are not just the most popular but also the most common type of tattoos found across the globe. Their popularity ranges from the pragmatic continent of North America to the pious lands of Asia. Arm tattoos, in fact, have been referred to as the perfect connection between the Eastern and the Western cultures. Even historically, the art of tattooing traces its origin to the insertions of arm tattoos. Located on the most visible part of the human body, these tattoos are extremely noticeable and perceptible. Thereby, the designs for arm tattooing must be chosen after through deliberation.

Depending upon their place of insertion, arm tattoos can be subdivided into five basic genres. These genres include typical patterns of designs which are enhanced with the movement of the area that they are carved upon. The first genre pertains to the tribal arm tattoos. Tribal symbols function extremely well as tattoo designs with unicorns, tribal creatures and other pagan symbols which expand and contract with the muscle movement. This is precisely why a number of people prefer to have tattoos carved around their biceps and triceps. The second genre embraces sleeve tattoos. They may either be inserted on full sleeve i.e. which covers the entire arm or as half sleeve i.e. which goes from shoulder to the forearm. In fact, in recent times quarter sleeve tattoos have also emerged which are carved in the area between the wrists to the middle portion of the forearm.

The third genre talks of shoulder tattoos. These tattoos come with variable options which range from being abstract to being naturalistic and symbolic in nature. These tattoos exhibit prominence and flair. The fourth genre relates the wrist tattoos. These types of tattoos are very prevalent amongst the males who prefer to have ‘fire’ designs represented here. This fire apparently lights up at the lower part of the wrist and moves upwards with its flames crawling up the forearm. The final and fifth genre is about elbow tattoos. These are marked around the elbows of the arms. Most commonly a spider web is drawn here which generally symbolizes a gothic way of living.

Nevertheless, what also holds extreme importance is the placement of arm tattoos. Upper arm tattoos are not as painful as the lower arm, wrist or forearm tattoos. Moreover, arm tattoos are available in both – black & white and colourful themes. They may also be carved in darker or lighter inks, as per your wish and will. However, the darker inks consume a longer time to settle according to the skin tone while the lighter inks settle conveniently on any type of skin. The health risks associated with arm tattoo insertions must also be evaluated before the actual carving is done. Exercising precautions earlier is much better than looking for cures later.

Arm tattoos have a certain elegance and grace attached to them which provide them with their particular panache.

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