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Crow Tattoo on Chest for Man

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Bird Tattoo on Forearm

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crow bird tattoo ideaThe visibility of bird tattoos is not limited to a single culture. They have been recognized and carved in many cultures, often being associated in some form or the other with their traditions. Considered to be extremely representative in character, not only does the symbolism of bird tattoos depend upon societal cultures but it also depends upon the kind of bird which has been depicted.

For instance, in the continent of North America, birds like crows and ravens are associated with medicine men! In a similar fashion, the strict followers of Christianity- whether Catholics or Protestants, prefer to have doves carved on their body as a symbol of integrity and peace. In the same way, France attaches immense prestige and honour to the roosters. However, the bird tattoos may mean one thing to one clan and another thing to another, their representation and interpretation varies individually. Considering Ravens as an example- these birds are considered to be bringers of evil in some cultures as well!

Bird tattoos may be drawn in many shapes and varieties, but the most common and popular ones include the phoenix bird tattoos and thebird tattoos tribal bird tattoos. The phoenix tattoos depict reincarnation. A mythical bird, which is said to rise from its ashes, this bird tattoo symbolizes strength to reemerge from hard pressed situations and troubles of life.

Widely accepted and used today, bird tattoos have become an instant craze with all generations as they present an ideal mix of mysticism with motivation. Many tribes have in fact, legally associated themselves with certain birds. For example, the tribes of Haida, belonging to the North-west region of the Pacific Ocean, consider Eagle to be a symbol of their tribe as it depicts masculinity and power. Similarly, many other tribes and clans too have developed interpretations and connotations based on the carvings of different sorts of birds.

Nevertheless, just like other tattoos, extreme care has to be taken while carving bird tattoos as well. Considering the intricacy of the patterns involved in the formation of bird tattoos, it needs to be seen that due precautions are exercised while their insertion. Bird tattoos too take about two hours to dry up and settle down on the skin. They may rather be carved on different parts of the body, depending upon the preferences of the person. Despite the place you finally prefer to put bird tattoos in, they continue to remain one of the most sought after form of tattooing in the world.

Bird tattoos have made way for themselves as a mania! They are indeed a tattoo which is decorative in its spirit but meaningful in its core.

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