Butterfly Tattoos Ideas

Orange Rose and Butterfly Tattoo on Forearm

Credit: @solomon_pride_tattoo_studio

Flowers Rib Tattoo

Tattoo in the form of flowers on the ribs for women.

black work butterfly tattoo ideaWhen it comes to getting a tattoo, you know that you have millions of choices. With that said, butterfly tattoos have increased in popularity and that popularity is holding strong. A butterfly tattoo is one of the most requested tattoos for women. You might not find this fact surprising. After all, butterflies are beautiful creatures. Moreover, butterflies come in many different species and colors; there is no shortage of tattoo options. What does this mean for you? You cannot only get a butterfly tattoo, but one that is unique to you.

As you likely know, a butterfly has four main life stages. They start life as an egg. That egg turns into a caterpillar. Then, a cocoon or chrysalis is made. They then emerge from this state as an adult butterfly. The final stage of becoming an adult butterfly is a short one; it only lasts for about two weeks. This may have something to do with the popularity of butterfly tattoos; it shows that life is not only beautiful, but also fragile.
Once you have decided on a butterfly tattoo, it is time to make your design choice. Since there are thousands of different types of butterflies, various sizes, and hundreds of color combinations to choose from, making that choice may seem impossible. You have lots of choices. In addition to traditional butterfly tattoos, tribal butterfly tattoos and flower butterfly tattoos are very popular.

Finding the right design is important; continue reading on for a few helpful tips:
Ask yourself “why do I want this tattoo?” What is it that you want your tattoo to represent? The answers to these questions can help you choose the shape, size, and overall design of the tattoo.
Ask yourself “what do you want your butterfly to look like?” What species would you like? What colors? Where do you want the tattoo? How big or small should it be? These are your wants, which are important. Butterfly tattoos lower back are popular, but you want a tattoo you will be proud of. The answers to these questions can help you narrow down your options from thousands butterfly tattoos to twenty or less.
Now, it is time to start looking through designs for butterfly tattoos. Keep in mind that you do not have to like the entire design. You or your tattoo artist can take a part of a design you like and finish it to be that perfect fit. When looking for sample butterfly tattoos, your best option is to search online.
As just mentioned, you want a butterfly tattoo that you are proud of. If you cannot find that perfect design online, grab a pencil and start drawing. Even if you just draw an outline and give it to an artist to finish, you are in control. You did not settle for one of the many butterfly tattoos out there; you custom designed your own. You cannot get a “more” perfect fit.

Finally, do not get a butterfly tattoo until you are 100% sure you made the right choice. Butterfly tattoos are beautiful, but you are inked for life. Take the time to ensure the design, size, and location of your tattoo is something you will not later regret.

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