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ford mustang tattoo ideaFor years now, car enthusiasts have been highlighting their favorite hobby with car tattoos.
So are you ready to get a car tattoo? You have many designs to choose from, but do not opt for the first one you see online. Instead, do a little bit of exploring. Take the time to comb through the thousands of car tattoo designs. What you are looking for is that tattoo design that makes you stop and go “Yes!”

Since we all have different likes and dislikes, what may work for one car enthusiast as a tattoo may not work for you. Therefore, here are a few popular car themed tattoos, but remember that you do not have to go with the rest of the pack. Be unique and create a customized car tattoo if you want.

retro car tattoo ideaA Car and Flame Tattoo – If your ride is known for its fast speed, do not just get a tattoo of your car, but have flames shooting out the back of it! This particular tattoo design not only looks cool, but also shows your need for speed.
A Car and Skull Tattoo – This tattoo design is not only perfect for car lovers, but motorcycle riders too. Car and motorcycle tattoos go perfect alongside skull tattoos. You can have the two tattoos alongside each other or have the driver of your car tattoo be nothing but a skull.
A Name – Now, car tattoos look better when they are of the actual car. However, you might not want even a mini-car tattooed on your skin. In that event, a make, model, or company logo will do the trick. For example, get a tattoo in blue that says nothing more than “Ford.”

Here are some additional tips for car tattoos:

Never settle for second best. I have said this before, but it is important to restate. A tattoo is inked on you for life. Right now, being green is a popular trend, but it is one that may end. So, do not go out and tattoo a hybrid car on your arm if you think you could care less about the green movement 10 years from now.

Car tattoos can be anywhere on the body, but make your choice wisely. Since most car enthusiasts are specifically trying to showoff their love of cars, car tattoos are rarely hidden on the back or ankle. Popular choices for car tattoos include the shoulder, biceps, back, or even sleeve tattoos.

Your best option is to use printable tattoo databases whenever in the lookout for a design. These images are in high resolution and designed for printing. Your tattoo artist will love it if you bring in one of these high-quality images. Whether it a car tattoo or a cross tattoo, high-quality prints are vital. Even car tattoos can be complicated and detailed; a clean and clear image is ideal for ensuring there are no mistakes or misinterpretations.

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