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Crow Tattoo on Chest for Man

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Medusa Chest Tattoo

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Angel Wings Chest Tattoos

Wings are of many types such as dragon, angel or tribal wings tattoo designs. In these wings tattoo designs the one most demanding and trendy popular tattoos is Angel Wings Tattoo designs. In popular Wings tattoo designs the one most… Continue Reading →

You can create many wonderful chest tattoos, which could be anything from traditional patriotic symbols to numerous fascinating pieces of arts, because of the vast amount of space that is available on the chest. A perfect chest tattoo can be created with a little imagination, planning and forethought. Although most parts on the chest can be tattooed without any discomfort but there are other parts which are quite sensitive.

Chest tattoos can be very attractive and meaningful as they include many designs. There are many different types of chest tattoos. Tribal chest tattoos chest tattooshave a lot of black ink because of which it does not fade like other colors. They include designs of Eskimo totems, Maoris, Polynesian, Haida and sun clocks etc. Other popular chest tattoos designs includes bald eagle, which symbolizes freedom, design of laurel wreath, which symbolizes desire for peace, cherry blossom design, which symbolize darting nature of life and a lot more. These designs represents different elements and meaning make the tattoo more than a statement.

Moreover, chest tattoos can be easily hidden by shirt which makes them very popular among guys. chest tattoo designThey generally cover a lot of area; hence most people get them done over a period of time. Thus chest tattoos undergoes various unfinished stages and have a charm of making others guess what the finished product would look like. Without any doubt, getting body tattoos is quite a bold decision. A design with a beautiful and meaningful theme can make the overall look of the tattoo more enchanting. Tribal designs represent ancient cultures but later because of its intimidating power it made its way into the fashion world. Tribal tattoos can be decorated on any other part of the body. Earlier it was used as an identification mark of the tribe, but now any one who has interest can get one. They have contributed largely in the area of the body decoration.

chest tattoo designArea of chest tattoos varies between male and female. Chest tattoo area for women extends from lower neck to the upper periphery of the breasts, while chest tattoos for men can extend from their lower neck to the region above their belly. The chest tattoos adorning the cleavage of women have always been hailed as being very sensuous. They also grace the body of women with exotic jewel motifs. While the chest tattoos on men are traditionally meant to exhibit virility. Get to know the meaning of the tattoo before getting it done. A tattoo should be unique and should express who you are.

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