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cross tattoo ideaTattoos are without a doubt each individual’s way of expressing his or her individuality. Cross tattoos are some of the most popular picks when wanting to prove a statement or an idea. Nevertheless, with so many designs, it can be hard to pick the right one, and without sufficient research, you might end up painting your skin with something that does not fit your ideas. Small piece of advice – whenever choosing a design for your cross tattoo, try to research first, learn its meaning and maybe a bit of history about it. Now, getting back to design ideas, within this article we shall discuss about some of the most popular cross tattoo designs.

cross tattoos ideaCeltic tattoos – Did you know that the Celtic cross is actually a combination between the Latin cross and a simple circle? Obviously, it means something very different from the Latin cross, a certain binding between mysticism and religion, between something hidden in the inner soul and the meaning of life itself. The cross itself in those Celtic cross tattooscross tattooseternity. The meaning of celtic cross tattoos is rather interesting but frankly, sometimes they are a little overrated and you will have a hard time trying to find a unique design. indicates the age-old meaning of saving oneself from damnation (eternal damnation to be more precise) while the circle indicates life and how life and death are cyclical throughout
Tribal cross tattoos – One of the most popular cross tattoo designs aside from Celtic tattoos, without a doubt. Now, what makes these tattoos so special is their combination of religion and mysticism. Basically, any design is constructed on the traditional cross and the beauty and imagination used in tribal art. When it comes to meaning, numerous elements can add mysticism or simplicity. For example, one can choose numerous colors for their cross tattoos (from red or green to purple), but they can choose complex elements such as flowers or fairies that give the tattoo more meaning. It all depends on the look you want it to give – for more feminine looks, it would be recommended to opt for a combination of purple and black and adding elements such as flowers or fairies because these underline the idea of fragility.
cross tattoo designWithout a doubt, cross tattoos are some of the most interesting out there because they have meaning – they share something else but a beautiful image. Back cross tattoos have a particularly interesting effect – they attract the attention of different individuals, and their placement is a statement itself. It is not hidden, but shown, and the meaning simply vibrates out of it. Nevertheless, I will mention again the importance of research – do not simply pick something that looks interesting, but pick something that is in tandem with your thoughts, with your beliefs. If you are in a lookout for a statement, make sure it is an accurate one.

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