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black work eagle tattoo ideaEagle tattoos are very popular in many regions of the world. While the eagle is the National Bird of the USA and many American tattoos do include the eagle or its wings, this is not by any means the only location where the eagle tattoos are popular. In many of the Asian cultures, the Eagle tattoo is symbolic of strength, wisdom and power. Depending on where you may be and where you get your tattoo inked, the Eagle Tattoo can also be representative of many different things as well.

Animal tattoos are especially popular among the tribal tattoos of old and as they make their way into the world of tattoos these days. Originally, the eagle tattoos and these other bird tattoos may have been intended to convey the character of the person wearing the tattoo art. These days, the predatory bird tattoos and wings tattoos are just as much a decorative or ornamental tattoo as they are representative of the person wearing them. If anything, the tribal tattoos, the Asian symbol tattoos and others like the kanji tattoos have become even more beautiful and more personalized rather than simply being a relatively obscure reference to the type of person wearing the tattoos.

eagle tattooThe most popular winged tattoos are not limited to birds of prey like the eagle tattoos however. Phoenix tattoos, dragonfly tattoos and even winged dragon tattoos are very popular. Perhaps this is due to the symbolism of the wings in tattoos. In the tribal tattoos of old, the wings often symbolized someone who was swift and agile. In many of the Asian cultures, the Winged Tattoos were often drawn with dragons or birds of prey and anyone wearing the eagle tattoos was generally someone who was powerful, skilled and even a person of wisdom that is more commonly associated with owl tattoos these days. Whatever the meaning behind the Eagle tattoos or other winged tattoos, they do remain very popular among a very diverse group of people and are often much more beautiful and detailed tattoos than their ancient tribal tattoo predecessors were.

Among the always popular American tattoos are the dolphin tattoos, the Lion’s head tattoo and of course the name of the significant other du jour … though tattooing a boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s name across your chest or back is not really highly recommended by most tattoo artists … but the more colorful symbolic tattoos are becoming increasingly popular and when you are looking for the ultimate in symbolism, the eagle tattoos are difficult to beat no matter what tattoo culture you are looking at them from. The Harley Davidson tattoos are very popular and many of their designs include the entire … or at least portions of some of the more popular eagle tattoos. The wings tattoos that are used with many known symbols such as the Harley Davidson logo are often simply indicating freedom in a very subtle way.
The many different types of wings in tattoos are often not symbolic at all however. Some people just like the Eagle Tattoos and have an appreciation for the beauty and art of the tattoo itself. While these tattoos may all be beautiful, whatever they may be symbolic of to others, to the person who has the tattoo, they are still and perhaps most representative of that person’s love and passion for the art of tattoos whether or not there is any additional meaning involved with their eagle tattoos.

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