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One of the most intense areas of tattooing is the face area. Face tattoos give a regular “shrill” from everyone on the streets, and these tattooed people are differentiated as the most shocking and extreme. Some would say “stupid breed”, as most of the people cannot make out why on earth a human being would embellish or beautify his/her look with ink. Nevertheless, there are people crazy enough for face tattoos.

All areas of the body can be covered except the face that people usually do not experiment with. However, there are some people who have tattooed their faces also. There are some famous individuals who displayed face tattoos and they also happen to be the world class athletes like Mike Tyson, David Clinger and Lee Priest.

face tattoosIn the recent past years, the face tattoos have been enjoying a great revival. You must have seen footages from prison yards or a photo of a person displaying a black tear tattooed below his eye. It is a very common gang or prison related marking. The number of tear tattoos is the symbol for number of killings the man has committed. But face tattoos are not just for the criminals anymore. Guys, who opt for face, neck head body modifications tend to go for face tattoos. Now, face tattoos that people go for are of many varieties. One of them is the tribal tattoos. Many ancient tattoo designs have given away to spikes, swirls, totems and knots that originate from the thoughts of the maker and not of any other ancient tribe. The Native Americans also wore face tattoos to denote the ranks, family, wealth, tribe affiliation, role in society and the deeds of bravery.

face tattoo designActually, neck and face tattoos are not only for the craziest of tattoo lovers. Face tattoos in the form of small stars and butterflies on a woman look equally appealing. Many renowned face tattoo artists who were featured on the TLC series “Miami Ink”, have a series of small black stars lining the periphery alongside their brows. The lion tattoos are also very popular in this genre, but it should be chosen of a good quality if you are looking for a good art.

Another kind of face tattoos that are quite popular is the mask tattoos. They come of endless designs that bear looks of gods or any mythological character and are actually used for inspiration rather than replication.

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