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Foot Tattoo Designs look attractive if ink and placed in a right way. Foot tattoo designs of girls are in varieties of styles means you can place any styles and objects tattoo design on your foot. You can place large… Continue Reading →

Foot tattoos are probably some of the rarest types of tattoos around, and although they’re related somewhat with ankle tattoos they are quite a different endeavor altogether.
It all has to do with the positioning of foot tattoos, namely on one’s foot, the main concern being that they might not look very good for a very long while because of the fact that we use our feet to walk on a daily basis and this means that the skin is subjected to constant stretching and relaxing. Also the constant putting on and taking off your shoes will put a lot of stress on foot tattoos and this means that they might need to be touched up a bit earlier than wrist tattoos for instance.

All of this being said it’s important to note that foot tattoos can be extremely beautiful when done right and they’re a favorite of women especially who don’t want the lower back tattoos which tend to be very visible but want something more discreet that they can keep for themselves and their loved ones.

Foot tattoos are great if you live in a very warm climate where you can go without wearing shoes at least for a while after you have the tattoo done. This is important when we’re talking about foot tattoos because the foot is a very sensitive part of the body, containing a lot of bones and not a lot of flesh, this means that there will be some pain involved and you need to carefully watch and monitor any swelling that might occur. This is usually a normal body reaction to a tattoo but since the foot is so sensitive it requires special attention.

Foot tattoos aren’t something that you’ll see part of the celebrity tattoos repertoire because they’re oftentimes quite personal and intricate, this is what on the other hand makes them increasingly popular with the female audience because they prefer complex and more detailed designs as opposed to their male counterparts who usually like their tattoo designs to be bigger and less detailed. Plus foot tattoos lend themselves to creating some wonderful images when you use star tattoos motifs or maybe butterfly tattoos as an all-around theme. Foot tattoos can be merged with ankle tattoos to create exquisite pieces of art that one can simply cover and uncover when needed. This latter feature of foot tattoos is yet another thing that attracts women to them the ability to easily hide their tattoos for business or more formal settings is a true advantage.

Getting foot tattoos is a very delicate thing to do; if you don’t live in a warm climate then the best idea would be to get one during the summer months when you don’t have to wear shoes or even socks. Also once the swelling has gone down make sure you protect your foot tattoo, if you’re going to the beach use an SPF sunscreen of at least 50 on your foot, and make sure that you keep it moisturized.

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