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Many people are fully satisfied with the temporary artwork involved in having their fingernails painting but some people want something a little more involved and permanent. Thus, hand tattoos are increasing in both popularity and variety. Tattoo designs for hand tattoos are not only becoming more numerous but also more complex in nature and much more beautiful in some cases. Unlike many of the body tattoos and arm tattoos, the hand tattoos may be a bit difficult to cover up or conceal should it become necessary so some thought may have to be put into the matter before you go out and get your own hand tattoo but if it you do want one, you will discover an increasing number of options regarding the available designs and styles of hand tattoos.

Flower tattoos were very popular hand tattoos a while back and some variations of this still remain popular today though they are not as common as they once were and are generally much more detailed than the older tattoos were. Many of the celebrity tattoos are a combination of hand tattoos and wrist tattoos like those worn by Angelina Jolie. Just a word of warning though, if you do plan on getting into acting, you may want to become famous before you go getting inked in places that it is overly difficult or impossible to hide your tattoos successfully. Many film companies will hesitate to hire someone with existing tattoos as they want the ability to add or remove tattoos as they see best. Often times though, the smaller hand tattoos are quite easily covered with makeup so even if they cannot be fully concealed, they can be hidden enough to get by.

The tattoo designs for the hand tattoos are just as widely varied and while the workspace for creating a tattoo on the hand or wrist may be a bit more limited, a talented tattoo artist can still work wonders with these artistic masterpieces in miniature. Centerfold style Tattoo pictures may not focus on the hands very much but many of the new hand tattoos are very extensive and are worthy of a second look if not a closer inspection. While there may not be many of these hand tattoos that will take center stage among the world of tattoo artists, there are some of them that should and features are occasionally discovered that highlight these miniature tattoos.

The hands are an exceptionally difficult easel to work on for all but the best of tattoo artists due to the variations in the skin, the constant exposure to the weather and other mitigating factors that will affect the overall quality of the finished tattoo so it may also bode you well to see if a hand tattoo is going to be something that will last for you and actually be worth the expense. If you are constantly dipping your hands in and out of chemicals, concrete or have some type of work that constantly exposes your hands to other chemicals of any nature, a hand tattoo may not be your best bet. Still, if you have always wanted a tattoo but are not ready to commit to the time or involvement that a larger tattoo design requires, the hand tattoos may be a great option for getting started with tattoos.

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