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lion tattoo ideaLion tattoos, like many of the Asian tattoos and tribal tattoos have their history rooted deep in symbolism and meaning. Whether you are looking at lion tattoos for their historical relevance, their symbolic meanings or just because they are cool tattoos, a look at the true meaning and origins of these tattoo designs can’t be a bad thing. The Lion Tattoos are very popular and can be very beautiful tattoos. Still, it is always a good idea to know learn about tattoos before you go having one inked.

The old tattoo designs for the tribal tattoos (meaning back when they were still almost exclusively drawn for tribal members) often used symbols representative of the strengths of individual animals and they were used for specific reasons. Among some tribes and across much of Asia, the attributes of the individual were expressed with the addition of the animal tattoos like the lion tattoos. In other cultures, the symbolic tattoos were actually given to people in an effort to give them or somehow, to magically imbue them with the power of the animals represented in the tattoo like that expressed in the lion tattoos.

lion tattoo idea for armLion tattoos and other animal tattoos of the most powerful, known animals were generally reserved for warriors, hunters or leaders of the old tribes. Throughout much of Asia, Lion Tattoos, Tiger Tattoos and Eagle Tattoos were reserved for the best hunters. Lion Tattoos and the Dragon Tattoos were also used for many of the warriors and their leaders among the many different tribes and clans.

In some tribes, the tattoo designs for the shamans may have included the star tattoo or other tattoos that indicated their proximity to nature and their unique ability to harness the fierce powers of nature. Lightning tattoos and even scenic tattoos of certain geographical features dotting the area that the tribe proclaimed as their own would often be prominent tattooed features on the Shaman’s person. While the lion tattoos were always symbolic of power, they were not the only tattoos that were associated with powerful positions within the tribe.

While it was not as common all across Asia, many of the old tribal societies also used tattoos to enhance the beauty of their people as well. In these cases, many women would also be decorated with the likes of flower tattoos, swan tattoos or perhaps a butterfly tattoo or some other symbolic tattoo that (most often) represented the embodiment of beauty and grace. However, back in those days, it would not be very likely that you would encounter a woman sporting the lion tattoos, dragon tattoos or other powerful symbolic tattoos.

These days it is just as common to see lion tattoos, tiger tattoos or even dragon tattoos on a woman as it is on a man. While some of the symbolism may have been lost over the ages, the true beauty and personal expression of tattoos allow has certainly not diminished but only increased with the passing of time. Remember though, in days of old the Lion Tattoos were symbolic of strength and agility so when someone sees you sporting a symbolic tattoo of this nature, do not be surprised if that comes up in the ensuing conversation.

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