Lower Back Tattoos Ideas

Lower Back Tattoo Ideas For Girls

In women tattoo designs the one most hottest and sexy feminine tattoo place is Lower back area. Lower back tattoos for girls are getting popular tattoo but the tattoo get more attractive and perfect when place in a right way… Continue Reading →

Lower Back Tribal Tattoos

Tattoo on lower back is not that much difficult to locate. You can get lower back tattoo designs ideas from online internet galleries of lower back tattoos. Tattoo on lower back are popular among women mostly because it looks sexy…. Continue Reading →

Lower back tattoos have indeed come a long way. Tracing their origin to the 20th century, these tattoos have since grown in style and repute. Placed at the lower back portion of the human body, lower back tattoos generally have an oblong shape. They are located above the hip area along the slope of the backside, on both corners of the spinal cord which runs through in between. They are commonly referred to as the ‘women tattoos’ as they are mostly used by women. These back tattoos emphasize and highlight the shape and the curvature of the figure, thereby enhancing the sexuality of a woman. It is precisely why that they are also considered to be sexy tattoos.lower back tattoos

However, not every culture has accepted the lower back tattoos the way they are. Many conservative cultures across the world consider such tattoos to be a symbol of promiscuity. That is why they are sometimes looked down upon and derided while calling them names like ‘tramp stamps’. The popularity of lower back tattoos can be attributed to a number of factors. Being one of the widest areas of the human body, lower back has ample space for carving large designs. All types of tattoo designs- whether horizontal or vertical in nature and extent- can be inserted very conveniently. Moreover, this area is usually resistant to being stretched. Thus, it accounts for a more stable tattoo and proves to be an excellent site for tattooing.

lower back tattoo designNumerous amounts of designs can be marked on the lower back, however, tribal tattoos as a part of the lower back tattoos have recently gained pace. Tribal designs include ancient creatures and other pagan symbols which represent the practices of the tribal communities and give an insight into their culture. Similarly, all sorts of designs which find their way as a lower back tattoo have a discreetly hidden deep meaning associated with them.

As per Hindu mythology, the lower back portion of the human body is essentially a storehouse of energy called ‘Kundalini’. Therefore tattooing in this area has spiritual dimensions and can prove to lower back tattoo designbe extremely beneficial for meditative purposes. Sometimes, snake-like pictures are found as lower back tattoos. These carvings symbolize the ‘Mother Goddess’ or the power of the feminine form of God. Portrayal of the lotus flower here represents divinity & fertility amongst women while depiction of animals communicates the different qualities associated with them. In a similar fashion, many women also prefer to have a design which shows flames spiraling upwards. This depicts symmetry with the world and a universal awakening of consciousness.

Commonly considered as one of the most pious yet visible areas of drawing tattoos, lower back tattoos have truly carved a niche for themselves. Women from all sections of the world chose to have them carved as a symbol of harmony and energy. Lower back tattoos have indeed clubbed sanctity with style.

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