Neck Tattoos Ideas

One type of feminine tattoos that even if they’re not extremely popular they do have their own fan club is neck tattoos. The reason why neck tattoos aren’t very wide spread isn’t the fact that they’re not beautiful, because they are, it more has to do with the fact that a neck tattoo is a very visible type of tattoo and as opposed to say leg tattoos they cannot be covered up in most situations that might require them to be covered up.

The most common designs of neck tattoos that you’ll see in a tattoo gallery will most probably be tribal tattoos since the style of the tribal tattoo is so extremely flexible that it can find a place on any part of the body.

The women who choose to get neck tattoos are definitely making a very strong statement about themselves and their personality, the idea of always having a tattoo that can be seen being considered as quite the non-conformist move. However it is important to consider the decision of getting neck tattoos for a good chunk of time before actually getting one since it might put some limits on the wearer getting access into certain working environments.

One other reason besides non-conformism why women do get neck tattoos is that for reasons yet unknown to science that area of the body called “the nape” is considered to be one of the most seductive areas on the female body that people are unaware of. However a lot of men are attracted to that area and find it appealing even if they cannot explain why. It might have to do with the curved shape of the neck combined with the similarly curved shape behind the ear, nobody knows, but women know that this is a place where men’s eyes go to.

For the ones that are truly committed to getting a lot more art on their bodies then neck tattoos can be merged with back tattoos and even lower with lower back tattoos, creating tattoos that span the entire back. Or in the same vein neck tattoos could be considered as continuations of shoulder tattoos that could be linked with forearm tattoos to create interesting and unique sleeve tattoo designs.

When it comes to what exactly one can illustrate with neck tattoos, well this is open at that person’s discretion, neck tattoos being just as capable of illustrating things like butterflies and flowers to zodiac symbols, whole phrases or any other meaningful image that the wearer sees appropriate to show to the world. And that is the important thing because neck tattoos will always be exposed to those around you as well as exposed to sunlight, which is yet another important factor to consider if you’re ever going to go to the beach. This is important since if the ink starts to fade you’ll have to get some re-inking done and while that won’t be as painful as getting the tattoo in the first place would be it can be avoided by using some very strong sun-screen.

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