Shoulder Tattoos Ideas

Skull Shoulder Tattoo

Scary Skull Tattoo on the shoulder.

Samurai Shoulder Tattoo

Gorgeous samurai tattoo on the boy’s shoulder

Nun Tattoo on Shoulder

Credit: @solomon_pride_tattoo_studio

Poppy flowers tattoo on shoulders

Credit: @snowman_tattoo_studio

Skull Tattoo Designs For Girls

In women feminine tattoo designs we have almost every tattoo which linked with women as colorful tattoo design. Women love to ink almost every tattoo which men can get. Some tattoo but look scary when inked on women as it… Continue Reading →

Shoulder tattoos are the ideal tattoos for a subtle but personal expression of oneself. While the shoulder tattoos are generally considered to be among the more feminine tattoos, they are not by any means restricted to women alone. Shoulder tattoos are commonly found on men as well, though in most cases, it is only a small portion of a much larger back tattoo. Here, you will discover the many different expressions that you can make with the shoulder tattoos, though admittedly it is geared more towards women and their personal tattoo expressions.

The shoulder tattoos are exceptionally nice for women as they can cover them up when they are at shoulder tattooswork and want or need to show their conservative side. Conversely, when they go out at night and just want to “let it all hang out”, they have a built in … or drawn on as the case may be shoulder tattoo that is a great way to break the ice and get a conversation going. Unlike the ankle tattoos that are difficult to see well, even with open shoes, the shoulder tattoos can be very blatant when the situation calls for it and as such, are so favored by so many women.

Additionally, the shoulder is not someplace that a tattoo is going to hurt very much so whether you are eventually going to decorate your entire body with tattoos or shoulder tattoojust want a single tattoo for personal reasons, the shoulder tattoo is a great place to get started without any of the detriments that tattoos in some other, more sensitive areas may be. If you want to get some nice tattoos but have a lot of restrictions, the shoulder tattoos and wrist tattoos and even the ankle tattoos are great but the shoulder tattoo seems to be the most popular among these three options and for those people who do not have the luxury of being able to ink an entire forearm, tattoos in these other locations can be a good option.

There seem to be a number of very popular tattoo designs used for the shoulder tattoos. Among the most popular feminine shoulder tattoos are the tiger tattoos, angel tattoos and dolphin tattoos. The cross tattoos are very popular among women but generally seem to be smaller and best situated in locations other than the shoulder. shoulder tattoosMost of these tend to express something about the woman wearing these shoulder tattoos but as to exactly what tattoo symbolism there actually is in any historical concept is open to debate as cats, computers and women all have secrets that they will never share with mere mortal man.

The reason women get tattoos is generally a very personal and often a very private thing so while it may be great to discuss a woman and her shoulder tattoos, it could very well be that asking her why she got one would be a bad idea. Rather, allow the woman to explain about her shoulder tattoos and if she feels like telling you why she got it, she will and that may mean that at least you have gotten on her good side.

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