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Black Rose Half Sleeve Tattoo

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The fact that clothing designers have designed shirts that resemble sleeve tattoos tells you one thing: sleeve tattoos are popular. Nevertheless, wait! What exactly are sleeve tattoos? They are just like what they sound; a tattoo that resembles a shirt sleeve. Sometimes referred to as an arm sleeve tattoo, these tattoos have rapidly increased in popularity. However, before you run out get inked, you must consider some important factors.

Workplace Restrictions: Now, I am not saying you cannot get a sleeve tattoo if you want one, but keep any workplace restrictions in mind. The Marines are well known for their tattoos, but even they are prohibited from sleeve tattoos on the arms and the legs. While difficult in warm weather, these are tattoos that can be covered with clothing.
Size: As you know, shirtsleeves come in all different sizes and so do sleeve tattoos. Popular are full-arm tattoos, quarter sleeves, and half sleeve tattoos. Half sleeve and quarter sleeve tattoos sleeve tattoosusually stop at the elbow. If you are unsure which sized sleeve tattoo is best for you, start out small like with a quarter sleeves. Should you like the look and feel, your tattoo artist can expand from that quarter sleeve to create a full-arm tattoo.
Design: A previously stated, tattoo sleeves can be expanded from. This means you can take a collection of tattoos you already have and have them connected to create a sleeve. If your arm is bare now, work with your tattoo artist to design from scratch. While tattoo sleeve designs are easy to find online, it is more than about choosing one design. This is a big project. You must work closely with your tattoo artist to ensure your wants become a reality.
Speaking of design, what looks great as sleeve tattoos? Anything! The choice is yours. In addition, popular today are tribal tattoos; opt for tribal sleeve tattoos. A Japanese sleeve tattoo is another popular choice. Remember, you can create one massive design or settle on a collection of tattoos and have them connected.sleeve tattoo design

So, have you considered the above-mentioned factors and still want a sleeve tattoo? Sleeve tattoos are not hard for an experienced tattoo artist, but they are more complicated than creating a butterfly or cross. For that reason, verify that your preferred tattooist has done sleeve tattoos before. With a large and noticeable tattoo, now is not the time to experiment with a beginner.

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