Wrist Tattoos Ideas

It was from the ancient kings and queens that the tradition of wrist tattoos were actually born. Gradually, it was adopted by all cultures spread throughout the world and given a meaning as per their rituals. While many tribes considered tattooed wrists to be a symbol of victory, others wore them to showcase their way of life. Today, fashion is the sole representative of wrist tattoos. They look wonderful on both- men and women and thereby they prove to be extremely popular amongst both the genders.

Being generally small in size, Wrist tattoos can be carved in various patterns and designs. Unlike the arm tattoos or sleeve tattoos which extend along the area of the biceps, triceps and forearm respectively, wrist tattoos cover a small area above the palm and on the inner and the outer side across the lower arm. From there, wrist tattoos may spread gradually upwards depending upon what design is inserted.

What gives wrist tattoos full bloom is the type and kind of design carved on it. The best looking patterns include the Maori pattern and the tribal pattern. Maori tattoos, considered to be absolutely distinctive and unique, have curves and spirals developed in an intricate network of shapes. Originating from New Zealand, they prove to be one of the best patterns as a wrist tattoo. Following closely the wrist tattoos are the tribal tattoos. They too have an intricate pattern which is carved in tribal shapes. Winged or wingless creatures, Celtic dragons, unicorns and monsters are typical examples of tribal carvings. However, there are specific designs which appear attractive to men and women. While for men, shapes of flames and star tattoos give the best look, for women, something more feminine and delicate is made use of. Small fairies, flowers and rosaries serve as the best sort of tattoos for women. With the development of technology, wrist tattoos are also available in flash and custom designs.

The most important factor associated with the insertion of wrist tattoos is the level of pain. Because they are carved on the wrist areas i.e. where the distance between the bones and the skin is not much owing to less amounts of fatty tissue, pain ought to be more. There is no way this pain can be eliminated and if one decides to wear a wrist tattoo, one must be prepared for bearing this pain. Similarly, once carved, the tattoo cannot be easily hidden. Most work environments do not permit tattoos and owing to a high rate of their visibility, these tattoos are very observable and noticeable. On the contrary, wrist tattoos require the least amount of time to be made. A sitting would hardly last a few hours. Nevertheless, they would consume their own sweet time to dry and settle.

Wrist tattoos are a clear depiction of your personality and your flair. These markings are indeed a blend of grandeur and magnificence.

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